A day in Brussels

About a month ago I went to Brussels for a day. We wanted to visit the Harry Potter Exhibition since my whole family is obsessed with it, and after that we walked around in the city. The weather wasn’t that great, but what else would you expect here in Belgium.

After a short car ride we arrived at the exhibition. We ordered our tickets in advance and that was a smart idea since most of the shifts were already sold out.

It was impressive to see all the costumes and decors that were used in the movies. I do recommend getting the audio guide, otherwise you’ve already seen everything in half an hour while with the audio guide you get some extra information on how everything was made and where they got their inspiration. You walk around there for longer and you actually get to know some new facts about the movies.


After the exhibition, we took the metro to the city centre to find a place to eat. Eventually we found a salad bar in the BELvue museum where everyone was satisfied with. Afterwards we visited the Coudenberg palace, an underground archeologic site of an old palace. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed.

Then we decided to do some touristy stuff. We walked through the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert were we stopped by Le Pain Quotidien for a cup of tea. We went to the Grand Place and of course we didn’t forget to pay ‘Manneken Pis’ a visit. On our way back to the car we also stopped by the Atomium. Like I said, touristy stuff.

Brussels has been in a bad light lately because of the terrorist attacks, but it’s still a beautiful city I would recommend visiting. Have any of you already visited Brussels? Or have you already been to the Harry Potter Exhibition? Let me know in the comments!







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